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Tutorial JAF

This guide explains how you use your device with a custom firmware flash to JAF

 all brilliant at your own risk, you can damage your phone if done wrong!

This guide has been created with the Nokia 5800 but can be followed for each flash firmware on any device. (Not that the X6 E72 fw flash .. etc)
Now back to Topic

First you have to download your firmware files using navifirm then copy all files to:
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\DataPackage\Products\RM-***\"

RM-*** must be renamed to your RM version

 So you need to download a custom hacked firmware file that you flash to your device ...

Change the name of the downloaded files on a firmware file that comes from actually .. eg if your original file name and asdf.V03 abc.fpsx and firmware files have been hacked or modified aaa.fpsx name and change the name bbb.V22 files abc.fpsx and asdf.V03

Copy the renamed files in C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Nokia \ Phoenix \ Products \ RM-*** \ "

and to strike.

Download & Start v.1.98.62.exe JAF

Set the options as shown below:


Remove all characters except when the BB5 tab "Manual Flash ", "dead USB" and "music mode "....

then check "My husband used" and will wait for a pop-up ...

And choose your phone:

JAF will load files copied to "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\DataPackage\Products\RM-***\" (on picture is RM-504 but it have to be RM-***)

or from

C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-555\ (mostly this)

*** corresponds to your RM version

JAF will looks like

Now TURN OFF your phone !! and then click FLASH button after that press power button (don't hold it) on your phone and JAF will start flashing.

Now wait for the flash is complete and the boot device, if not then the unit on your own .. and follow all the steps (if any) listed in the firmware thread that should be followed after the flash ..

MCU=core (if it not see in sellect u must rename core to c0r first)


cnt= no need use


Download JAF here

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