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Garmin Mobile XT

1. Download Garmin Mobile XT. Run EXE to copy all the files you get to the SD card.

2. Download Garmin base map. Run the EXE, you will copy all files on the SD ..

3. File Support 3.Download Garmin. Run the EXE, you will copy all files on the SD ..

Make sure you install all 3 files on the computer, not your phone. Cable can be used to run good ..

4. Run scroll Garmin Mobile XT on your phone, on the screen, enter the ID CARD

5. Enter your ID card, the keygen, press MAP product (or custom mapset) for a result, the performance of the two dates.

6. Create a file and SW.UNL GMAPSUPP.UNL:
Copy (Ctrl + C) to unlock the device clipboard.Now open the Notepad and paste (Ctrl + V) and save the keyFile as SW.UNLCopy (Ctrl + C) to unlock the card to the clipboard.Open the editor again and Paste (CTRL + V) and save the keyFile as GMAPSUPP.UNLPut your new file in a directory Card \ Garmin SDN youand start GMXT.Program should now recognize the integrated GPS andshould be able to use detailed maps.WARNING! Be careful not to UNL TXTLinks (hidden)

7. Run Garmin Mobile XT will try to connect to your GPS device - and yes, any BT GPS device and any phone! This is because the code is now open list GARMIN.

8. In Settings / System / Remote GPS -> you have installed the BT-GPS or GPS to display.

9. If you do not mention the 2 files as you can only pair with a GARMIN GPS!

10. It is better to define the map (if you can find them) as a Windows executable file (version MapSource), run the installer and install the maps in MapSource Unlock Wizard, and then use the supplied keygen to unlock the card and then simply select the desired area (make sure the chosen card, tap on the left column and select the newly-installed maps of the drop-down menu) and then transferred to the device, and you're done.

11. If you do not have MapSource, or just do not want to use it, you can put 4 on the same card in the list of Garmin - Garmin XT recognize 4 names:

gmapbmap (usually basemap)

visit here to get garmin software.

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